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Climate Change & Low Carbon

Climate change, global warming and low carbon are all too familiar phases. However, there is one common theme that unites and underpins them all and that is carbon costs. The more carbon you use in connection with your business, the more expensive your operations will be and the less profit you will make.

These phases are often used in different business contexts, often in a negative way and implying that whatever action you take as a business is going to cost you money and not save you money.

Having a carbon reduction strategy is not just good for our environment, it’s good for business. It’s good for business because it will have a direct and positive impact on the bottom line.

A low carbon strategy and associated training can improve business performance and save you money:

  • Reducing carbon related consumption – will save you money - Fact
  • Fact Reducing waste – will save you money – Fact

A low carbon strategy can be as simple as reducing the amount of electricity, gas, coal or fuel you use. If you run a fleet of Heavy Goods vehicles, or passenger carrying vehicles, reducing fuel consumption can be achieved through driver training, preventative maintenance, correct tyre pressures and the removal of unnecessary equipment.

For more information on some of the very simple approaches you can take, please contact me using the on-line enquiry form.

Training and Continuous Professional Development
We offer a range of training and development designed to provide an introduction to issues relating to climate change and how it can be turned to a competitive advantage.

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