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Internal Audit Services

TJK Consultancy Service offer a comprehensive business systems review and compliance service.

Our business systems and compliance review services are bespoke to your organisaitonal needs and seek to address business risk, process improvements and add value by making recommendations for improvements.

Systems Audit
We offer a range or reviews tailored to meet your needs. Many organisations evolve, developing and adapting policies and procedures, which can leave the business open to unnecessary risks. Our approach to systems reviews is designed to identify critical business risks, identify system control weaknesses and issues relating to legal and regulatory compliance.

We add value to our reviews by providing advice, guidance and recommendations for system, process and procedural improvements, which can lead to improvements in quality, reduction in costs and improvements in delivery

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Compliance Audits
We offer a range of independent and objective compliance audits and reviews, including:
  • Pay
  • Purchasing
  • Stock
  • Expenses
  • Policy and proceedures
  • Compliance and legislation
Terms of Reference, review hours and sampling plans are agreed in advance (unless otherwise agreed).

Our compliance reviews are tailored to meet your needs. We add value to our reviews by making recommendations for improvements in quality, cost and delivery aspects of your business.

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Fraud Investigation
Our team of fraud investigators have extensive experience in investigating allegations of misconduct, gross misconduct and specific allegations of fraud.

We offer a discrete, independent and objective fraud investigation service, which includes the preservation and collection of evidence to facilitate disciplinary action, criminal and or civil prosecutions.

Typical areas of risk for business include:

  • Cash transaction
  • Petty cash
  • Fuel cards
  • Employee expenses
  • Debtors
  • Capital contracts
  • Stock
Research has shown that UK businesses lose millions every year through employee related fraud activities.

All our investigations are carried out in accordance with industry guidelines and follow the principals (were appropriate) of the Prosecution and Criminal Evidence Act.

Risk Management
Understanding and managing business risk is one of the key aspects of responsible management and dynamic leadership. It can be the difference between success and failure. Repeatedly, history has identified the failure to manage risk, results in corporate failure and in some cases ultimately total business collapse.

We offer a comprehensive risk management support service for business of all sizes.


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